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The name's Cat.
I'm an amateur photographer from England and have a strong love for photography.
Everything on here is my own work and please don't use anything without my permission.
Thanks for visiting my blog - feel free to have a look around & message me about anything.
Thanks, Cat.

limboanalog replied to your photo “Sorrento, Italy”

Look:) http://limboanalog.com/post/90932894443/selin-narter-limbo-analog-photography-canon

Oh my, almost the same picture! I can assure you that I didn’t mean to copy! (this must mean we both have a good eye then!) :)

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I also what to say a big thank you to both of these amazing blogs for the reblog - it’s always an honour to make an appearance amongst all the other fantastic pictures that grace your blogs :) (I hope you’ll forgive me for being so late in thanking you - I’m very sorry for the delay!)

Some of you may be happy to hear that I’ve got lots of pictures lined up for your viewing pleasure (I hope!) and I will be checking out all of my followers blogs to catch up on the great work I’ve missed (…this could take a while).

-Cat :)