A Handful Of Moments

The name's Cat.
I'm an amateur photographer from England and have a strong love for photography.
Everything on here is my own work and please don't use anything without my permission.
Thanks for visiting my blog - feel free to have a look around & message me about anything.
Thanks, Cat.

A huge (and unfortunately a late) thank you must be said to Stu (iseedeadpixels) for the reblog of this post on thephotographerssociety - your kind words cheered me up after a tiresome, and quite frankly gruelling, week :)

Thank you to everyone who has sent little red hearts and have reblogged my pics!

I’m sorry for my disappearances, but time has been short and I’ve not been able to go through my shots (also I’m not sure if I can follow up with a post like the last one!). This week as well I shall be absent but hopefully I’ll be able to return soon with new stuff - Cat :)

Goodbye (for now)

As some of you may have realised I have been absent from my blog for the past week or so and have been using a queue to dish out new shots.

Unfortunately I cannot run my life and my blog/photography at the same time so Tumblr must continue to take a back seat. However with my life predicted to get even busier in the coming months I have made the decision to leave Tumblr, for the moment.

Don’t panic though, I will make a queue so that my Tumblr can run itself but likes/comments will be scarce (please do not think I am intentionally ignoring you!)

Thank you to everyone who’s put up with my appearances on their dashes and every single like/reblog/comment is very much appreciated!

This is not ‘goodbye’ but merely a ‘see you all soon’— Cat